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Get best prices to rent private jets or individual seats
through jet-sharing option
How can we have best prices?

GetJet is a unique marketplace that acts in cooperation with the majority of brokerage companies in the world of business aviation. We work only with reliable professionals with abundant experience. Once you submit your request, brokers calculate it and you get only best-price offers.

Before GetJet a potential Business Jet flyer worked with one/two or multiple brokers or searched with operators directly for good alternatives. So now with one request all interested brokers in the market have the option to find you an offer that suits your needs, just by joining the GetJet Club.

How does it work?
Step 1

Make a request once you log in

Step 2

Get offers for your consideration from the accredited brokers

Step 3

Choose your ideal option/flight

Step 4

Sign an agreement and pay the invoice

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You can create a merged flight
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