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About us

GetJet Marketplace is a unique tool for cost-effective solutions in business aviation. Best price offers feature allows a customer to receive and book best offers from numerous professional brokers for a particular flight.

Through our smart search engine a user can rent separate private jets and purchase individual seats through jet-sharting feature designed for those open for a company during a flight.

GetJet Marketplace Features

Private Jet Search

You can rent a whole private jet to suit your schedule and desired level of comfort.

Empty Leg Search

You can find an Empty Leg that could be much cheaper than a standard jet rental , because airlines sell empty leg flights at good discounted prices.

Jet Sharing Search

Share a jet with nice people!
You can rent one seat or the whole section with a sofa, if you are not against sharing a jet with a few other individual guests.

Our managers are always glad to help you. Contact us!

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Top Management Team
Alexander Koninsky Co-founder
Dmitry Fesenko Co-founder, Executive Director
Roberto Hlaca Vice President Sales & Marketing

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